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7 Quick Takes Friday, July 12th

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- 1 -  I just returned from visiting Elisabeth in Denver.  The Rocky Mountains are amazing!  I had never seen them up close, well as close as you can get to a giant range of mountains.  But anyway, they are amazing!

More Pics Here
- 2 - I've begun my packing for World Youth Day, we leave next Sunday!  I'm getting a little nervous - but, I purchased a rain coat and a super absorbent towel for showering - now just all o the things with a brown dot on my list need to be purchased, a map needs to be located, and it all needs to be packed!

why doesn't internet explorer rotate that pic?
My concern is how all that is going to fit into that?!

But as I told our pilgrims, 'Light as a Feather makes everything better!'!!!

- 3 - And I wrote a little paragraph for our Catholic Newspaper yesterday, thought I'd share it here, because it probably won't be printed in its entirety there:
When asked to help with this trip I felt it was Divine Providence.  Pope Francis had only been pope for a few weeks and I already felt a strong connection to him as his election occurred on my birthday.  I've been reading his Daily Homilies and am inspired on a regular basis to grow in holiness and become a better Christian.  When we found out about the bankruptcy of our Travel Agent, to say that I was heartbroken would be an understatement.  I was devastated!  I had my heart set on meeting 'my Pope' and to found out that might not happen because of some mismanagement of funds of some guy out West (who had been dependable in the past) was too much to handle.  Paul and I worked for a week calling every contact we knew, a cousin who's a travel agent, a contact who knew a tour guide I had in Brazil on a trip 8 years ago, a variety of airlines, and many emails to and from the WYD registration coordinators.  We met with Msgr West and Bill Weldon (CFO of the Diocese) and with their help and some inspiration from the Holy Spirit the Diocese felt it was important we all still attend and they said 'If you can find the flights and transportation, make it happen; it's the moral thing to do and we're behind you 100 percent.'  The hand of God has been over this entire trip and I continue to know that the Lord has a special purpose for us traveling to Brazil with 2 million of our closest friends to be with the Vicar of Christ on earth.  I have had the extra-ordinary privilege of attending WYD in Toronto and Cologne (seeing both John Paul II - soon to be Saint, and Benedict XVI) - these experiences are the most profound vision of the Body of Christ that I've ever experienced.  When you are with that crowd of Catholics, no one can tell you that the Church is dead or that Christ is irrelevant.  He is alive and well in us, in our hearts, in the Catholic Church.  Attending World Youth Day invigorates my faith, seeing the Pope inspires me, and being with my Catholic brothers and sisters lifts me up!
- 4 - My friend Erica who was pregnant with twins

is now the proud mamma of twins!
Landon Patrick born 3:53 am at 6lbs 2oz. Ms. Riley Anne graced us with her presence at 4:42 am weighing in at 6lbs 3oz... over 12 lbs of baby! All three of us are doing well, pictures will follow later.
 I get to meet them this week!  I am so excited!  I've never really seen little baby twins before, not brand new!

- 5 - Kristen Lavensdatter was a book recommended to me by the priests at our parish.  The girls and I watch the movie a few weeks ago and were super confused!  If you know anything about this series (of three books), I would love some insights!  Father then said, "In short, a woman who forsakes virtues to 'follow her heart' must then face the consequences of such an act as it bred bitterness later on in her family.  It tracks her growth in wisdom and virtue as difficult as that is unto a life of genuine joy."  I think I will read the book and try to find that theme!

- 6 - Mary was the first Bachelor-ette - what?! A few months ago I listened to this homily about Saint Joseph and he discussed the Consignment of Twigs, and it's also in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew.  What happened was it was time for Mary to get married and the high priest called all of the eligible bachelors to the Temple and gave them each a twig.  They prayed over the twigs and the first one to blossom would be Mary's new husband - to guard and protect her.  Then Joseph's blossomed first!  Sound familiar to the Bachelor-ette yet?

- 7 - I leave next Sunday for Rio to attend World Youth Day!  Prayers would be appreciated for me and the pilgrims in our group: Brandon, Simeon, Evan, Steven, Daniel, Michael, Paul, Ana, Maria, Amy, Michelle, Rebekah, and Katie (me).  We return on Tuesday the 30th!

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