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NAS: Lent Check-in

We're more than half way through Lent... how's it going?! What did you decide to give up/take up? Did you make any spiritual goals? How have you grown thus far and how do you hope to make the most of the remainder of the season?

I missed last week for the link-up (and a bunch of blogging / writing stuff) because St. Joseph's been kicking my butt with his response to this month's Novena! More details to come, but prayers for courage and patience from y'all would be much appreciated.

I am back this week and excited to talk about penance - well, not really - but happy to discuss Lent. Last year my Lenten sacrifices were much greater than this year. I went to Mass on Ash Wednesday and then promptly gave up my cell phone, got on a plane to a country with only one flushing toilet and a serious lack of electricity and went from there. When I came back to the US, I gave up coffee for the remaining of Lent which was really difficult with the jet lag and overall tiredness - but honestly, probably the best way to get over jet lag I've every experienced. I had this in mind when it came to this year's Lenten Sacrifice.

In January you might remember my Whole30 where I gave up grains, gluten, sugar, soy, legumes, peanuts, alcohol, dairy and a few other things I can't remember. Oh, that's right - coffee - since what's a cup of that goodness without some half and half. Some of these I've taken back on, but others, like coffee, I haven't. I don't need the caffeine in the morning, but there are days I do miss the taste. I also had this in mind when it came to this year's Lenten Sacrifice.

So I decided to not do a food fast - besides the regular Friday no meat and the prescriptions on fasting as outlined for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. I'm fasting from the creature comforts of the kneeler - which seems weird, I know. I mean, isn't that like fasting from a torture device? Well, maybe if I was fasting from kneeling - which I'm not. But instead refraining from using the kneeler at Mass, Stations, praying the Rosary, etc... It's a small thing, but since I have the privilege of being able to attend Daily Mass, this is a pretty significant period of time each day - especially since Fr. C insists on always doing Eucharistic Prayer I, even for a regular old daily Mass.

I remember each time I kneel down to refocus my energy toward the Lord, preparing my heart for Easter. It's been an interesting fast, not one I would have taken up if I wasn't there so often, would seem rather silly - but for this chick, at this time, it's been quite beneficial.

My second crosses off two things on my to-do list. I always tell myself I need to read more Scripture and then never get started, and on my 25 things to do before 50 is to "read the entire Bible." So I found a reading plan to read the entire Bible and the Catechism in a year. I've been doing this in the morning when I wake up on the first alarm (no snooze!) after my morning prayer. It's been a great way to begin the day - in about 30 minutes of prayer in the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church.

So all in all, Lent is going pretty well. Although some of my sacrifices (the kneeler and the snooze) are small, they are making a big impact in my journey. So here's to a great final two weeks! May we all be closer to the Lord at the end of it!

Thanks to Moran and Jen for bringing us the Not Alone Series. These ladies have been quite the group of friends these past two years! Hoping for many more posts together! The link-up is over at Morgan's this week, so head there to hear about everyone else's Lent. 


  1. This year I didn't do a food fast either, because I felt like it never helped with the conversion of heart we're aiming for. I love hearing about other things/comforts that people fast from! Great ideas. And love that you're working on the Bible & Catechism. You go, girl! That's awesome. And yes to little things making a big impact. Amen!

    1. Thanks! Small things tend to make the bigger difference for me, that's for sure.


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