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7 Quick Takes ... August 22nd

Well it's been a pretty crappy end of the week around here ... sorry for the language but yesterday evening Mer, MG, my neighbors (so glad I finally got to meet some good neighbors who were incredible) and I spent the evening cleaning up sewage that came up my toilet spreading it's nastiness throughout the entirety of the downstairs of my house.  Yeah, you read that right - sewage.  It was a pretty terrible experience.  The floor looked alright, but you could feel squishing below and water would come right up from the seams even after you dried it.  Today a water restoration guy came out and now it looks like ...

Well, this:

Downstairs Bathroom - the offending toilet was right there.

Hallway sans Flooring and Baseboards

Dining Room sans flooring, baseboards and part of the wall

Front Entry Way, you guessed it, sans flooring
Living room, no floor but got these nifty air dryers.
They add a very interesting look.

So my friends have all offered to take me in - I went with the family closest to where I work and live to help eliminate any extreme commutes back and forth to the house.  P&E have been so gracious to let me stay here as long as I need - probably until the end of this saga, at least until I leave for NYC on Thursday.  The fans won't be removed until at least Monday evening (72 hours) and then the fun stuff begins.

I get to pick out a new floor and all new colors for the walls downstairs.  Everything will be covered with bright and shiny paint.  So Betsy Ross House Blue for the Living Room and who knows what for the other three colors ... hmm... Lots of Pinterest searching for a fun, new look!

Also leaving on Thursday morning for NYC to see my baby brother, celebrate his 25th birthday, meet Steph's new baby girl, and explore the city!  I am super excited to see them and find new and fun things in the city!

Today is my pastor's birthday so we had a little party this morning!

An oldie, but nice one of the two of us from last summer.
Also I've been thinking a lot lately about how I wish my hair was long like this again.  I liked it so much better then ... even considered taking prenatal vitamins to make it grow ... but then thought twice and said, nope!  Grow Hair, Grow!

Well that's all folks, see you next week!  I'm out of wit and banter - all I can do is think about how I've owned a house for two weeks and then sewage came out of the toilet and destroyed the entire thing!!!  PTL there wasn't carpet downstairs - how absolutely terrible would that have been!?!?

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  1. Oh my gosh, the adventures in homeowning continue for you! My mom has a theory that houses just KNOW when they have a new owner, and something goes haywire in protest. (Like my parents had the furnace die on them shortly after they moved us in--not fun because it was almost November.) I'm glad you have kind friends to take you in and I hope all will be cleaned up soon.


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