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7 Quick Takes Friday, February 1st

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- 1 - Well, this has been another quick week.  At work on Wednesday it was all of a sudden 3:30!  Now, I know - time goes by just as quickly (or slowly for that matter) every day - but it was a full day!  It even ended in a outdoor run (which ended about 15 or so minutes before the Heavens opened up and we got the rain storm we were promised).  It was raining late, late into the night!  Overall, I really love my job - and it's awesome when the days go so quickly because that means there's lots to do!

- 2 - MG posted this story yesterday on FB and I couldn't help but laugh out loud (literally) when I was reading it.  If you read about this decades-long, international game of tag, I promise you won't be disappointed!

The guys themselves!
- 3 - The other night I had coffee with a friend and we really talked about our friendship, something like Rachel would have done in her book, MWF Seeks BFF (excellent read, worth the buy on Amazon).  It's been a rough couple of months for us, mainly because of my perceptions of the situation.  I have this strange view of marriage in my mind that there's no time for friends, but she sees our relationship as more important, which is awesome.  I'm just having some hard time adjusting, which I think can be contributed to some deeper issues within me - hopefully I can figure out a way to articulate those next week in Spiritual Direction.

- 4 - I can't believe it's February already!  I admit that I'm writing this before I leave on Thursday morning, so it's not actually February yet, but...still.  Time seems to be flying!  Youth Ministry is going well at Church, and just 4 more events before I remove myself completely.  I don't think Sister can fully run the program until I'm not there anymore.  So Ultra Run this weekend, Superbowl Party, Stations Script re-write, and finally the Famine.  Then we've just got to see where it goes!

- 5 - My Waffle Maker is my new kitchen BFF.  I've been making little pizza crusts in it and it's so convenient!  Cooks faster than in the oven, makes them super crunchy, and now I have a lot of squares (or more triangles in my maker's case) to use to make mini-pizzas at work.  I'm taking stuff for them today (Thursday) for snack, maybe some more details later!  Check out my new foods (take #5) from last week!

...Off to Work, see you later...

- 6 - Ironic Catholic just posted this story and I am a little taken aback by the Pastor's remarks. I believe this to be one of the reasons why Christians are seen as hypocrites by non-Christians.  If this waiter wasn't already a Christian, this Pastor has done nothing to evangelize or show the message of Christ.  Not that it is our duty at every moment to 'save' non-Christians from Hell, but a little bit it is.  We are called to be true witnesses (remember that 8th Commandment?  Thou shalt not bear false witness).  All Christians are an example to the world of Christ - especially when we ascribe ourselves as a Pastor.  Finally, if you want to be stingy with the tip, fine - that's your business - BUT you cannot blame it on your tithe to the Lord!  They are not asking for 18% of your annual salary, just the check - for giving you excellent service.  If you got crappy service, give a small tip (when you're in the service industry, that's what happens) - but don't use God as an excuse for your small tip!  I'm sure if Jesus was sitting at your table He would have given an appropriate tip.  Pastor, next time...WWJT (What Would Jesus Tip)?


- 7 - Someone posted this blog on their facebook page on Thursday and, well, all I can say, is YES, that definitely describes me.  Exactly what I needed before I had that touch conversation with a friend the other night.  Now that I see that it's not just me, it's easier to work on.  Not sure if that makes sense, but there are times when I think I'm the only one with these problems (which is an issue of self-concern).  Knowing that someone else is struggling, helps me to see a possible solution!


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