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7 Quick Takes Friday, January 11th

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- 1 -  What a week it has been! A few exciting things happened at work - well, not really exciting, like earth-shattering, but made my day and time a LOT better!  I got my new mouse in the mail and now I'm back in the 21st Century with the ability to scroll both up AND down!  The days have been going very quickly as well and although that is a really good thing, it's also been kind of hectic-like all week.  So I think I'll have a picture-filled quick takes this week and promise to blog more throughout the week...enjoy!

- 2 - Although it is Friday - YEAH! It has been so dreary today, that it should be against Natural Law to be this yucky on a Friday, that happiest day of the week!

- 3 - Youth Ministry has been going well!  Some fun pics of the kids for your enjoyment!

Trying to become a presentable photo for a Birthday Card, but failing! 

Winter Jam 2012 was great!  GO in your City!
- 4 - My favorite things lately have been a book and some delicious Hot Cocoa!

-5 - I also cannot get enough of this Arturo character on youtube!

- 6 - Although it's not my New Year's Resolution, I've been trying to make more recipes from my Pinterest time! Like...
Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas!
these potatoes
Baked garlic, brown sugar chicken
They've been turning out really good!

- 7 - Father wants to open a Coffee Shop here...maybe in a small, tiny house!
Nothing surprises me anymore...

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