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Today I enjoyed a visit from my High School Youth Minister!  It was such a great day.  Introduced him to a bit of my new life down here, saw the raptors at Carolina Raptor Center, and drove around Charlotte to see a city that I can't really describe!

He is the reason why I am a Youth Minister.  It's so interesting to think back all those years and see how I got from being a crazy teen to a 'professional' youth minister in less than a decade.  In the daily-ness of my life, I don't see this as any accomplishment of any sorts.  Then sometimes, I think about how I am doing what I set out to do with the degree I paid thousands of dollars for just 5 years out of school.  I'm so blessed!

It makes me think about the qualities that make up a person who inspires others.  What exactly do they do that makes people want to emulate them?

Authenticity.  Be who you are at all times, to all people.

Know your identity.  It is directed by who you were created to be not what others think about you.

Follow God's Will.  Whatever that might be, be willing to follow it.

Good Storytelling.  If you can tell a good story, then you can get anyone to listen to you.  Even if you have NOTHING to say!  Aaron is one of these people.  He can tell anyone anything and make it interesting.

Living the Word.  If you're gonna preach it - there's no other way to lead.

There are many, many more qualities, but for me - these are the ones that always stand out first.


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