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'The Hunger Games' Book & Movie Review

I've been hearing about The Hunger Games for a while now - and I'm definitely not the first nor the last to jump on the bandwagon.  After hearing all of my middle schoolers talk about how they went to see it as a class field trip I felt compelled to read it.  At the very least I wanted to know the references when they said something about it.  So I borrowed the first book from one of the ym families and read it in one day!

I loved the story - was captured by Katniss and her narration of the story.  She's detached from her emotions, has no idea how to really love, and is so confused about the direction of her life.  One of the most interesting things is how much hatred she has for The Capitol and how they want to put the Districts in their place. She is so fearful of being chosen in the reaping that she's decided she will never have children.  The Capitol will never control her future.

Katniss & Gale - the closest thing she has ever experienced to love, but even that, she doesn't really know how to love him ... or anyone else either!

Although the world we live in is nothing like that - our government does not require the sacrifice of our children - we do have some serious issues.  But I digress...  Back to the story.

What is Effie wearing? I think we should definitely add flowers to our hair accessories, but maybe not so big.

One of the hard to grasp issues with the book is the intentional killing - really murdering of each other.  They have to defend themselves in order to survive.  Either defend or die.  Even though each of tributes (except the careers, of course) would never kill a human in their regular lives - put into the arena, things change.  Their motivation to survive trumps everything.

When the time comes, they all acquire the ability to kill.

The concept of killing each other is where my reservations occurred.  Is this something we want to promote among our youth?  I thought I would have a better understanding after I saw the movie - but honestly, I still don't know.  I'm not sure whether it inspires rebellion and violence or not.

To review the book verses the movie - of course the book was better.  Like ALWAYS - except one time!  The Jane Austen Book Club - the movie was fantastic and the book not so much - way to dark.  The advantage of the movie over the book was twofold.  First, the book was from Katniss' perspective and so we didn't get to see what happened back home while she was in the game or how the Gamemakers were creating the problems in the arena.  Second, it was so cool seeing how they portrayed The Capitol.  The crazy outfits they wore, the futuristic home decor, and the technology that they had invented.

The Fashion! Oh M!

So my conclusion is to read the book, love it, find it complete - and then see the movie to take in the amazing visuals that we can't even imagine!!!

I imagined things to be more primitive rather than more extravagant!


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