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Finally A Good Week

The church where I work can be a little crazy - what usually happens is a great idea from myself & the DRE followed by lots of work promoting on my part concluded by either knowledge that it was promoted incorrectly (ie: there was no pastor approval) OR that it was already promoted and I spent the last 2 hours doing something ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY!

Yesterday was a day that ended with the second conclusion.  I asked if she wanted our Totus Tuus flyer AND our VBS flyer on one sheet of paper in all of the boxes - she said yes.  So I spent an hour copying it on both sides and cutting it in half and stuffing in into the boxes.  After my afternoon walk (ie: stress relief time) and evening prayer, I came back only to be asked by the secretary why I did that?  She already put VBS flyers in the box last week per the DRE's request.  So WHY did I spend all of that time doing it twice, ripping my hair out, and inwardly screaming mean things to myself?

Because she's a maniac!

The attitude I should have adopted - and just sat and ate a cookie!

But anyway - why a good week, you ask?  Well it's budget time and even though that usually means a lot of terrible things - it also brings about yearly evaluations.  Now, you're thinking - that seems even worse than the budget.  Well - mine was good, finally someone recognizing that I'm doing something worthwhile!  Even getting a raise - per the Pastor's recommendation!  Praise The Lord!  Taking on another task at work - spending 1 day a week answering the phones in the main office while the parish secretary has her day off.  I actually think I'm going to like it - I enjoy talking to people all day (and my regular office is basically in a corner of a building that no one ever enters).  

Oh and yesterday afternoon the women I walk with (who's a little on the later side of life) fell right on the ground.  And although I shouldn't laugh - it was two days in a row with an accident - on Wednesday she was taking a drink of water and it went up and out her nose like a NetiPot treatment!  So I've given her this philosophy to adopt.

She's definitely more of an Offense person!

So all in all it was a pretty good week.  Now off to the mountains for a weekend retreat with the teens!


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