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7 Quick Takes Friday: December 12th

What this post was going to be called: "Things You Learned in 2nd Grade and then Forgot (probably)"

I think about these things a lot, probably more than I should.  Mostly every time I'm at Mass and am distributing communion.  Last week at our young adult Spirituality Group we were discussing something about how to receive communion regarding the communion rail at a neighboring parish we were going to be going to Adoration the following week.  It was then solidified that there are a LOT of things we were taught in 2nd grade when we first received communion that we were expected to retain!  There is no other time when this happens in our lives.  You're told something at the age of seven.  Then never reinforced again, not really.  Some Religious Education classes talk about the big things again, but since you learned it in 2nd grade, you don't need to really learn it again because there's more stuff to learn.

I'm reminded of these things each time I distribute communion during Sunday Mass.  So now I'm collecting my wisdom, passing it along, and using Kelly's SQT Link-Up as my platform, like always using the ole' blog and my four readers to Change the World!

As a note if you are thinking this is in any way being irreverent to the Eucharist, know that I have a great devotion to the Eucharist and am a Daily Communicant.  These are the practical things to laugh about and learn from - they will make a difference!

So here are my Seven Quick Takes for this week!

If you receive communion in the hand, put one hand on top of the other, creating a small table / altar to receive the Lord on. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT, grab the host with your fingers.  Let the Priest or EMC (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) place the host in your hand.  Do not put both hands beside each other leaving the choice of which hand to use to the EMC, they will inevitably always choose the opposite one and the host will be thrown from one hand to the other in a feeble attempt to right the wrong.  So place your hands palms up, one on top of the other, typically the 'dominate hand' on bottom.  After the host is placed on your hand, use the bottom hand to place the host in your mouth.  Don't just raise your hands up to your mouth - you don't raise the plate to your mouth when you're eating at home, right?  Right!

If you receive communion on the tongue, be aware of a few things.  First, you should in fact stick your tongue out.  I know it might seem weird, but it's not - we are trying to in fact place a small wafer on your tongue without having to reach our fist into your mouth.  A priest in Brazil told us your tongue should extend past your lower lip.  Open your mouth, don't turn your head down so it's like trying to put a token up into a slot.  It'll be easier to everyone, I promise.

Remember it's your option / personal preference for you to receive on the tongue or in the hand except if you're at a Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  Then all are to receive kneeling (if you're physically able to) at the Altar Rail (or kneeler provided) on the tongue.  And you don't have to say "AMEN", the priest distributing communion does that for you.  As a side note, when receiving communion at a Novus Ordo Mass, say "AMEN"!

Oh and also in the Vatican, all are expected to receive on the tongue, the more you know!

A little more serious for a second, you should fast for one hour before receiving communion.  One hour, every time - from all food and drink except that which is medically necessary.

This includes GUM, yes GUM!  You shouldn't be chewing it in Church, on your way to communion, or while you have Jesus in your mouth.  Yeah - I mean it, Jesus and Gum don't go together.  Spit it out before Mass - preferably at least one hour before communion!

At our parish we have really long pews, so this is even more important - you even have to go around a corner ... so be sure to put up your kneeler before going out of your pew to communion.  Otherwise, the person behind you will presume you did this small courtesy and practically break their shin on the way to receive Jesus or on the way back when they are trying to be all holy and pious.  So, thanks in advance for helping a gal out, not that I've ever had bruised shins or anything!  

Whenever you enter or exit the pew at the beginning and end of Mass (not every time during Mass) you should genuflect on your RIGHT knee.  That's right, your right knee!!!  Not your left.  Always your right!  If you're trying to be 'right' then you'll remember to genuflect on your 'right' knee to the one and right Jesus!

And while we're at it, we are genuflecting to Jesus in the Tabernacle, NOT to the back of the Church, your brother, the center of the Church.  But Jesus!  So face him when you go down, all the way down, to the right knee, not anywhere else.  It's SUPER awkward when you're just sitting there and all of a sudden someone genuflects facing you, right into your face - and I'm already a bit of a drama queen, no need to do anything to feed that ego!  Leave the genuflecting to Jesus and not the people!

Happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  Have an excellent Friday!

For more Quickity, Quick Takes, check out the gang with Kelly over at This Ain't the Lyceum!


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