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Expectation Hangovers

Years ago I read part of this book, 20 Something Manifesto, and the one thing I remember was her discussing what she called Expectation Hangovers.  She defines them as a "group of undesirable feelings that arise when a desired result isn't met." (source)

We'll I'm having one this weekend.  I wrote on Friday (ie: Thursday evening for 7QT) about how my house was supposed to be done on Friday and today I would be super ready to move back in, having floors to walk on downstairs, curtains up, furniture in its place, and everything!  Well, welcome to the hangover.

They began to lay the floor and then I was called to the house in a state of panic because it was looking like this:

It's hard to see, but the finishes are different on the boards - so when the light hits it and it goes all the way down the hallway, it will look, well as Ben (the contractor said), "not terrible...".  UM... we're going through this whole thing I want my floor to look amazing, I'll settle for great - but 'not terrible' - I do not think so!

So we picked out a new floor ...

This one is a much lighter color, but it's solid bamboo.  Also it is a floating floor, ie: it doesn't get glued down.  I actually like that a lot better - it's also wider and a much harder wood.  So basically, don't fall on your face in my downstairs, it'll probably break your nose!

Anyway, time line is now this:
     Friday - Ordered Floor
     Monday - Floor Delivered
     Monday through Thursday - Floor Acclimate to my House
     Thursday (maybe) or Friday - Floor Installed
     Saturday or Monday - Hector comes to paint shoe molding and touch up paint
     Monday - Chad comes to place the toilet and the sink
     Tuesday - All is well? Maybe? No expectations!

When it's done, it's going to be fantastic!!!  Until then, I haven't decided if I'm going to stay with my friends or move back home.  Every time I'm downstairs (with all of my furniture in the corner of one room), all I can think about is the night when the sewage came up.  Yuck!

Speaking of that - yesterday a little girl, Natalie, came peddling doughnuts around the neighborhood.  I offered my apologizes for my messy house as I was running all over to find my purse - and said I had a sewage backup.  She said "Oh yeah, that happens here."  WHAT? Why is everyone just okay with sewage backups happening here?!

On a happier note - this happened over the weekend!

Green Bedroom painted, Bed put together & made,
Curtains hung, and ready for me to sleep in peace!

Closet Organized!

Bathroom Unpacked!
I was happy to get all of these things done!  Now it's starting to feel like a home.  I went to IKEA to return the curtain rods I purchased (note to all - don't purchase curtain rods there - you'll have to do this if you do!  Got this:

Yummy Deliciousness for just $1!
Instead I went to Lowe's and got some dark cheap curtain rods.  They are perfect!  And also not that ugly white!

So all in all, the weekend wasn't a total bust.  And today's my Half-Birthday!!!  So just 6 more months of being a woman in her twenties!!!  Eeek ... talk about expectation hangovers!


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