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7 Quick Takes ... September 12th

I was looking for a dance floor on today to purchase for our big festival and this was on my amazon homepage.  Apparently I viewed some men's sandals and now they are suggesting these other items and even these men's running shoes.  And amazon thinks I'm a coin collector.  Who's been searching in my account?

Speaking of funny things.  The contractor for my house, Ben, called on Wednesday to tell me the floor install was going to be delayed a few days because they had to put down leveler to even out some bumps in the foundation before they glue the wood down.  This (writing on Thursday evening) morning I text him "After they put the leveler down, so I have to stay off the entire floor?  Checking if I can do something upstairs tonight?"  He says "Just where the leveler is."  So I head over to the house before work to pick up the dirty blankets that have been hanging out on my back porch. Washing them as I type this - hoping that the little bit of infected water didn't ruin anything.

Anyway, I get to the door with my mail in hand and look to see where the leveler is so I can jump over those areas.  This is what I saw!

Yeah, that dark gray area is what you think it is - LEVELER!  I texted Ben this picture and said "So I can go into the house just not walk where the leveler is, right?  Any recommendations about how to JUMP over this?"  He called saying that I might be able to walk on it if it was later tonight, etc... - but I was just amused.  Sure walk all you want, but um... you won't be able to get in - and if you did, I can't get to the Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, or even the stairs.  HaHaHa ... tomorrow all should be well - the floors are being put in and they will look amazing - and make the place look more home-like rather than demo-like.

Today at work we had a staff meeting - about 45 minutes into the meeting, Father looks out and sees that our Insurance Company and two Diocesan Representatives are walking across the courtyard.  Today was our Surprise Inspection!  And there is a list!  A list of small items that is going to be pretty long.  Oh, goodness ... the mess that fixing that is going to create...

MG and I went to the Greek Festival on Saturday and concluded our amazing meal of delicious Greek food with a look inside the Church.  How amazing!

While we were in the Church, the priest was answering questions from two gals about the differences between the Catholic faith and the Greek Orthodox tradition.  It was quite interesting.  The one thing that tripped my mind right away was the first thing he stated - regarding how Catholics aren't allowed to receive communion under the bread and the wine and therefore are not receiving the entirety of the Lord.  Although we do not receive under both species on a regular basis, we are allowed to - and even if you do not, we believe you receive the body, blood, soul, and divinity under each individual species.  Hmm...

As I think about moving back in to my new house and how I need to do laundry - I reflecting on my fears about the house in a post this past Wednesday.  If you missed it, check it out - and beware of champagne corks and toilet seats!

And last but definitely not least - have I told you about my godson and his blog (well his mamma's blog where she posts great pics with what she think Baby Shep is thinking)?  If you haven't and you like cute kids, you are missing out by not reading Little Shepherd Boy.  This week's are super cute so I will share them below to wet your taste buds and once you subscribe you won't want to miss a post!

O Praise Jesus, I'm Eleven Months Old!
What is this word, gluttony?
Dear Radio Flyer, I have both
created and filled your most
recent opening for a new
catalog model!

And ladies and gents, that is all she wrote this week ... head on over to Jen's for more amazing quick takes!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. Oh wow, the iconostasis at that church is *beautiful*.

    1. It was really breathtaking to walk into!

  2. Those really are great pictures of your godson! Hilarious! Hope the construction/reconstruction issues are solved smoothly.

    1. Yeah - yesterday morning after writing - we discovered an issue with the flooring and it all has to go back! Picked a new floor, ordered, but we are being delayed a week!


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