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7 Quick Takes Friday, August 30th

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This week's quick takes is a Hats Edition - not these hats:

More like the hats I wear at work!  These week has been extra-ordinary - meaning out of the ordinary not extraordinary as in amazing!  So, here are the hats I wear:

1. Plumber - Do I have a degree in 'plumbery'? NOPE!  But I was trying to fix water coming out from the wall, yes, you read that right.  Water was coming out of the wall behind the toilet.  Which when the guy came, he said: "This is an emergency, I don't think they knew that at the office."  Another toilet had a ripped flapper, which needed to be replaced so it would flush.  How are these the office manager's problem?  I'm really not sure, but when no one else is around the deal with it, I guess it falls on me.  So hat #1 - plumber!  Luckily, I did not have to acquire their pant style to do the job!

2. Web Designer - Do I have a degree in Computer Science, Web Development, speak HTML, or any other code? NOPE!  But it needed to be done - and now our new website is finally up and running, after some serious patience trying.  We had the domain switch on Wednesday and we called to have it pointed in the right direction, but the internet is apparently not instantaneous!  It took almost 24 hours for me to be able to look at our new site in our office!  Hat #2 - Web Designer!  However, I actually asked for that one, so it's not that much of a surprise!

3. IT Support - Did I even take a class in IT? NOPE!  But it needs to be done - and sometimes I'm really great and other times I just delete all of someone's email, like I did on Wednesday.  The domain transfer includes email and when I set up the first one, I deleted the old account instead of just changing the settings to stop sending/receiving.  So, deleted all of her emails!  I did finally solve the problem regarding why Father cannot print certain files from his MAC - and he doesn't really even understand why there was a problem in the first place.  Hat #3 - IT Support!  I have this job because I refuse to pay someone with a degree who wants $125 an hour to set up email and fix stupid printing mistakes!  

4. Copier Guru - Was I ever trained on that machine?  NOPE!  But yesterday I was replacing the toner waste container and all of a sudden I was covered in toner waste!  From my arms to my toes, literally! (and yes that was the appropriate use of the word)  Again with the printing/copying - when people put stuff in the machine and it doesn't copy like you want it to do - the problem isn't usually with the copier - it's with the user.  Our mantra concerning the copier is this: a machine will only do what you tell it to do - if you tell it to do the wrong thing, then it will - it does not have a mind of it's own!  Hat #4 - Copier Guru!

5.  HVAC Expert - Did I attend a Vo-Tech class about Air Conditioning and Heating Units?  NOPE!  But I have become an expert in how to program them, tell what's wrong with them, and explain to others why they do the things they do.  One afternoon I had manuals, a very detailed schedule, and a smile of frustration as I reprogrammed the thermostats in the Church to keep it at the perfect temperature.  On Wednesday, it was super hot though - and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  As it turned out, someone just shut them all off a couple of days before - and never turned them back on!!!  The schedule can't work if it's not turned on!  Hat #5 - HVAC Expert!  Cannot believe I even understand those things!  However, it's helping us keep the apartment cool!

6.  Security Detail - Am I a large man who can scare off predators?  NOPE!  But in the last 9 months I have learned more about security systems than I ever cared to.  Now I know where all of our monitors are, how they hook up into the system, and how best to security the facility!  I even have an app that tells me when the crazy people who work with me leave the doors open so I can go secure the building in the middle of the night! (well at 11, but still - that's late!)  And also - on the weekends, it's a built in alarm clock!  So, yeah!  Hat #6 - Security Detail!

7. All Around Problem Solver - that is basically my job.  In the midst of all of the other stuff I'm supposed to do, really what I do all day long is problem solve.  The bulletin, the website, finding teachers, looking for baby-sitters, cleaning carpets, writing a policy and procedures manual, breaking off keys in locks (which I did before leaving work yesterday), pounding in signs that the guy who's doing it isn't strong enough, parking attendant, and SO, many more!  Hat #7 - Problem Solver!  It sits on top of all the rest!  

This is pretty much what I look like at work!

Check out Jen and friends for more quick takes!  Until next week - off to juggle!


  1. Was I trained to select and order syringes for a pediatric office - NOPE! But when I had to fill in for the office manager, that's exactly what I did. Working in an office is such a crap-shoot - you never know what skill you'll need to learn next.

    1. It's crazy! Today I took a sludge hammer to pound in 4 stakes so the signs up front would stay up! They think we are some sort of all-knowing miracle workers1


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