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Happy Easter!

It's such a joyous week of the year!  We get to say Happy Easter over and over and mean it!  That's the exciting part of being Catholic (well, there are many exciting things).

Although, as I sit here at work (yes, I should be working), I'm trying to choke down my lunch, another salad!  UGH - it's not even a little bit as delicious as you think it might be.  Today has been long, it's hard to work when you get back from an amazing weekend off - Jesus Died AND Rose this weekend and we celebrated every minute of it.  How wonderful!

But today hasn't bee filled with wonder - it involved coming back to work, facing a situation that I wish would go away on its own, attending the funeral of a loved woman (the mother-in-law of a friend of mine), and now, seemingly inconsequential in the midst of it all, sitting at my desk trying to figure out how to love salad again.  Strange the mole hills we make into mountains isn't it?

Also, my dad had surgery today - he's doing fine, they removed his gallbladder and now he's in recovery.  Hopefully he'll be discharged tomorrow.  When talking with mom, their lives are going to be super busy the next few weeks.  Dad will be off for about 8 to 10 days (basically not back at work until at least the 15th), mom is trying to get through two of the busiest weeks of tax season, and the garden needs to be planted! 

For my dad, the biggest deal of all of that is the tomatoes - the ground needs to be rototilled (if that's even a work - someone needs to use the machine that mixes up the dirt so that it is ready to be planted in) and the tomatoes need put in - if they aren't, then they will probably only get about 3 tomatoes a day instead of 30 during the heat of the summer! 

Since as long as I can remember my dad has loved gardening.  When I was a kid, he planted the flowers here on the boulevard.

I can remember many a summers when we were asked to help.  He and Mr. Yaccaboucci (sp?) would take time deciding which flowers would create the most dramatic entrance for people coming into town.  When it was time to plant there would be stakes that went into the ground, ropes that were tied, and plants that were placed so precisely so that when people came down the hill nothing would look out of place.  All summer we needed to go to water them - filling up the 50 gallon bucket in the back of the truck and walking back and forth with watering cans to assure that they would make it through the heat and humidity until the next time we could water.

Although I complained a LOT, I look back on this fondly (even a few tears in my eyes).  I loved this time with my dad - I even used the garden as a project for Girl Scouts to earn my Silver Award.  Come to think of it, I was always using plant items for my projects - in 7th grade my Science Fair was on Seed Stratification and my almost Gold Award was going to be re-designing and planting a section of indoor garden at my high school.

My dad's amazing - jumping in from the moment of my birth making me into the young woman of God I am today.  He's always been there for me, for us all really.  He's been healthy all his life, just in the past few years have been a couple of issues, but he pulls through as the strong dad he is. 

So thanks dad, for being my dad - you helped make me into who I am today and I will be eternally grateful!  Love you bunches!


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