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7 Quick Takes - June 8th

Happy 2nd Week of June!

--- 1 ---

The Wedding Week is FINALLY here!!!  These quick takes come to you from good old St. Marys, PA! The city of a million trees, many buzzing bees, and not too many babies!  The last census reported a decrease in the population by 1500.  That might not seem like too many if you were considering NYC or Charlotte or Miami or Los Angeles.  But up here, we were only working with 13,000 to begin with - this is a more than 10% reduction!

--- 2 ---

Being Honest - the best advertising sign ever!

No false advertising here!
--- 3 ---

1 of 3 places to have a nice meal at 8:30pm in town!

Mini-Bachelorette Party tonight with Steph and Erin at Gunners!  It's been almost 2 years since we were all three together.  Steph only had 1 baby then, and Erin wasn't even engaged!  SO much has changed in such a short period of time - unbelievable!

--- 4 ---

Color: Malibu ... Dress: Middle one!
The Wedding:  There's a lot to be done to prepare for a wedding.  Most of these items are done between a  mother and her daughter.  Erin's been working the plans with her mom, then her mom's been getting everything that is needed.  So, today when we went to set up the reception hall, her mom had the plan in her mind and articulated it to us - THEN her aunt came in with her opinion and it all well down hill slowly UNTIL her dad came in and we started without the breaks!  CRAZY times were spent setting up from 11:30am until 6pm!  All of the yoga I did to fix my back yesterday was undone this afternoon moving tables, bending over to put skirts on (4-5 times per table!), and decorating lights!  Worth it, DEFINITELY ... needs more fixing, FOR SURE!
--- 5 ---
if you're in the area, check her out:
Soul-Full Yoga:  Decided to go to my cousin's yoga studio last night for an Intermediate Class.  It was so relaxing and I felt amazing afterward.  I definitely need to find a yoga place in Charlotte.  Not to do 2-3 times a week, but maybe 1 or 2 times a month, just to recenter my spine, my mental well-being, and my sanity!
--- 6 ---

It feels like all my friends are getting married and I'm just getting old.  I know that this sounds crazy and completely untrue.  I mean, the person I spend all of my time with, MG, isn't getting I'm safe for a little while at least.  It just seems this way when I'm spending a week of my life helping her getting ready for the wedding and trying to at least prepare a little for this - it's all around me!  Another girl from high school got married last week, she looks so happy in her pictures and excited to beginning this chapter of her life!  It's hard not to be happy for them, but also to reconcile it with my own desire to be married and it not happening.  So, I'll just continue on - offering it up to the Lord.

--- 7 ---

Cleaning out my life:  The big clean-out 2012 happened on Tuesday night when I got to my parents.  They wanted me to go through all of the boxes in their attic to keep what I really wanted and to properly dispose of the rest!  It took my mom and I almost 3 hours to go through everything.  I think I threw about half of the contents away - which was a LOT of stuff!  I had all of my college notebooks (a pretty good sized bin for each year), books I'll never have a desire to open again, and lots of little knick-knack things I'll never use or need.  It was also nice to see the fun things from when I was really little - baby dolls, barbies, 'Katie' books, the birthday dolls, etc...  I'm glad it's done!  Now all I need is a permanent home for these things to live in, ie: a house that I own and probably a husband so I can have some kids to play with the baby dolls and barbies.  Someone to give the birthday dolls to, etc...  Some Day Soon!

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