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7 Quick Takes Friday - June 22nd

--- 1 ---

Faithful Servant was this week.  It is a camp that trains leaders for both Dioceses in our state.  I had an amazing experience.  My community members bonded well to each other and myself, my presentation produced good fruit, and I grew in better relationship with the other adults in my area!  What a lovely time!

--- 2 ---

Finding friends in Charlotte was an incredibly difficult experience.  After reading this book I have a whole new appreciation for the friends I have made in the last 4 years.  It was SO HARD, but incredibly worth it!

Check out Rachel's Blog at: MWF Seeking BFF

--- 3 ---

My Google Reader account has 838 unread items!  How in the world am I EVER going to read all of those items?  Oh, goodness - this might have to be a project for JULY!  It's too overwhelming to even begin to tackle today...

--- 4 ---

The Next Food Network Star is one of my secret (or not so secret) obsessions!  I love watching all kinds of cooking competition shows on Food Network like Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef, Chopped, etc...  I'm eagerly anticipating the outcome of this particular episode.  I haven't picked a winner, but we've still got at least 6 more weeks!!!  Bring on the best food and the most engaging presentations!

--- 5 ---

Once upon a time I had an amazing roommate and she came over to visit tonight after us not seeing each other for more than a month.  I miss seeing her every morning and evening!

--- 6 ---

I just made a serious decision about my pick for the competition on Food Network Star.  Definitely rooting for Team Alton!  Retro Rad Emily is my pick, but I would be just as satisfied to watch Marti or Justin as well!

Emily is just SO RAD!
Marti & Justin's Fry Session

--- 7 ---

SLEEP.  That old phrase - "you can sleep when you're dead" has been coming up to me a lot these past few weeks. I'm back from retreat where I probably slept for 5 to 6 hours each night with VERY full days.  I'm looking forward to bed tonight and being very disciplined in my bed time and getting enough sleep this week so I don't get run down.  So down to bed in 10 minutes after watching the rest of this episode!  See you next week when I'm well rested!

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  1. I second that making friends when you're an adult is difficult! In the age of the Internet, it's much easier, though. I used websites to find in-person gatherings of other Catholic young adults, and that's how I found all my Austin friends.

    Concerning Google Reader, I recommend declaring bankruptcy. Just scan for any headlines from real people that seem important, and mark everything else as read. Be ruthless! If anything was crucial, there will be links to it later and even from other blogs.


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