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(almost) Another Year Older

Today is the day before my 32nd birthday. Thirty-Two years alive in this world and I sit down to try to actively think about what I've done in the last year, what I've accomplished to keep my mind from being overwhelmed by what I haven't done: marriage and kids.

When I was a kid, it snowed every single year on my birthday until I moved to Charlotte almost 9 years ago. Now this year, well it's the day before, but in Charlotte that's close enough to count I wake up to the below. So many of my birthday parties were cancelled or changed when I was a kid because of a giant snowstorm.

But anyway, back to the things I've accomplished this past year.
  • I became a godmother, again, to a young woman who came into the Church through RCIA with her father. At 17 she was baptized and confirmed at the Easter Vigil.
  • I was promoted at work. Twice. I've been given the opportunity to develop a new product offering and am going to spend the next year implementing it at a parish just 45 minutes from me. My job has also been completely redefined to suit me specifically. I feel so privileged that they see me as a valuable employee they don't want to lose.
  • I went to Poland and saw Pope Francis with a group of 12 pilgrims. It was a delight.
  • I've read at least 40 books.
  • I completely redesigned my parish's website and keep it up.
  • I've done yoga every day since Thanksgiving.
  • I've attended Daily Mass as many weekdays a week as possible.
  • I painted my kitchen cabinets by myself.
  • I created a proposal at work to implement a Digital Communication Strategy across an entire Diocese.
  • I had a hard discussion with a friend in order to save our friendship which has become even closer now.
  • I spent a week with at a friend's when she brought home her newborn baby boy to help and serve her and her husband during that difficult adjustment time.
  • I went to California to see a woman who I haven't talk to in years to learn about her story of redemption as she prepared to meet her new baby girl.
  • I prayed the Rosary daily as a devotion to Mary as requested at Fatima.
  • I worked on our young adult group at Church to establish a regular pattern of meetings and grow a community that can serve as a place for young people to grow.
  • I went to a concert I've been wanting to attend for a long time. Took the vacation and just went.
  • I attended my godmother's 50th wedding anniversary in Texas.
  • I renewed my consecration to Jesus through Mary.
  • I spoke to a national audience at a work conference, twice - and many other times at regional days.
  • I attended my grandmother's funeral.
  • I was the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding.
  • I paid off one of my student loans - only one remains.
  • I started volunteering again with youth ministry as a way to give my talents back to the Church.
I'm sure there are more - but that list is much longer than the things I didn't do this year: get married and have kids. Although that is still what I desire, I need to remember that my life is important and matters whether these two things happen or not. I am important and matter whether I get married or remain single for the rest of my days.


  1. Hang in there, Katie. You're doing great things that you'll look back on and be glad you did! I know I got married a bit younger than you but it was still ten years after graduating college and even though it was HARD waiting, I'm so glad I filled the time with good memories (between the tears of course! ;) ). Honestly, though, I'm so glad I traveled, connected with friends, etc since I'm not as able to do those things as much these days. Also, one of my best friends is 34 and getting married this year. She is marrying an incredible guy !! Don't give up hope that one of these birthdays, you'll be adding marriage and kids to the list.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I am torn about loving the life I have, the freedom being single gives me (schedules, time, money, etc...) and the joys that come from marriage. So for now, I can only enjoy it.

  2. Happy birthday, Katie! You have so much to celebrate in another year of life, even though I know you feel what isn't there too. It's so fun to hear all the adventurous things you've done! I've just taken a day off work for an adventure too and have zero regrets about it. How nice to be so valued in you work and to have reached new levels in friendships. What a gift! I go between loving my life and seeing what I don't have or want to do. It's rough for sure. I will be remembering you in my prayers for birthday blessings. Happy day!


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