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Trying to Unplug

I have an on-again, off-again relationship with this blog; however, today, I went back to share a post I did two years ago about palm Sunday and my experience of being in a palm parade when I was in the Congo. I realized that over the course of a year, I was writing more often, a couple of times a week. I also realized that I was much more content with myself. I also had coffee with a really good friend this afternoon with some amazing conversation about the topic of "being content with myself" and blogging came back to my mind. Before heading home I stopped in at Barnes and Noble to see if they had Arleen Spenceley's new book (her blog), which they didn't have, unfortunately. I wondered over to the journal section and almost purchased a 5-year journal (like this one). I've considered buying this journal for more than a year and have passed on it from amazon so many times - including today.

This is all leading somewhere ... I promise ... not sure where, but we'll see what happens!

At coffee we were discussing Facebook and social media and how it's such a huge waste of time. She had given up FB for Lent, and I was almost wishing I had. Around the beginning of Advent, I had turned off notifications on my phone for social media and it made such a difference. To not be tied to likes and comments and messages. But I still check all of the time. To say what? I stay on FB because I have cousins, family, friends with kids and more that I like to stay up on. I like seeing cute photos of their kiddos, seeing beautiful vacation photos, and knowing what's going on with their lives. However, my feed (probably like yours) is full of junk - full of political crap - full of those tasty food creation videos - full of time wasters. And what am I even sharing on Facebook? This week I've been sharing the memories from my trip to the DR Congo because FB has been reminding me.

But as I think about it, I'm just trying to fill empty time rather than hang out with my own thoughts. I could be praying, I could be figuring out how to be more content with my life, I could be contemplating the philosophies of life, anything really.

So, I'm going to uninstall Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, and Twitter from my phone. (one second) Okay, I'm back. Done!

The only "time wasters" left are Hulu, Netflix, Bloglovin' (which is so much easier to use on the phone than it is on a computer), Kindle, Hoopla, and music (Spotify & Pandora). I think these are more productive "time wasters" than social media (for me anyway). A lot less comparing with other people. No opportunity to say "oh she's engaged now" and I'm still not. I haven't deactivated my accounts, but checking them on my phone is an addiction I need to squash.

If I don't do this, I'm afraid of the bitter human being I might just become. I don't want to be that kind of person. I want to trust in the plan, whatever it is, that the Lord has for me - and checking Facebook and Instagram doesn't nothing to help me keep perspective.

Today begins a new Katie (well the semi-new me) - one who's going to write here rather than read social media. I need an outlet and a way to look back and see where I've been and what I've accomplished with my life. So readers, if you're still there and want to continue to follow - thanks. This is my personal 5-year journal, without having to buy one and write only one quick sentence.


  1. So many good thoughts here. And I am so with you on feeling like a better person when I'm on social media less. I think it is good and totally needed to step back from it every once in a while...though I cannot imagine getting rid of it because of the connections and updates.

    Something I'm doing for Lent is no getting on social media in the morning (reading Rediscover Jesus), and then not after 8pm. It has been SO good. I especially like it not being the last thing on my mind. That is so peace giving. Being on it too much makes me negative, or bitter like you said. Filling my time with reading wholesome material or being creative or being with people is so much more edifying. Good for you for taking these steps. I'm right there with you. It's SO worth it!

    1. Thanks for reading Laura! It's only been two days and I already feel better!


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