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Embracing the Crazy

Plans Don't Always Turn Out Like You Want...

Everyone is now shaking their heads in agreement and thinking, what in the world could you write that would be insightful. I'm thinking the same things. I think this a lot when I read articles on Verily one of my favorite online magazines. The topics about the single life on this quick google search make me always think, "now the secret to embracing being single, the secret to understanding why God has me in this place of being in between." This is just a sampling of the last year or so:

  • 8 Secrets to Savoring the Single Life
  • Single and 30: How I Stopped Waiting for a Ring and Started Living a Great Life
  • The Advice I wish I could have Given to my Single Self
  • You're Only Single Once, So Embrace it while it Lasts
  • Get a Healthier Attitude Toward Being Single with a...
  • Things Happily Coupled People Say to their Single Friends
  • Being Single is What you Make of it, to Make it Positive
  • 5 Reasons I'd Rather Be Single on Valentine's Day
  • Are Single Women Really Just to Smart for Marriage?
  • Dating my Backpack helped me Thrive as a Single Woman 
I always click through and think "finally maybe some insight about how to embrace this unplanned portion of my life." But I'm always disappointed, no new information - just someone else with the solution, usually a married woman looking back telling me to embrace my life the way that it is. (This is not a hit on Verily, I really appreciate their writing, magazine, and everything!! I will continue to read it each day!)

I will admit that there are some amazing things that I have in my life because I am single. 

~ I bought a house. On My Own. I decorated it. I've furnished it. Now I'm working on doing some of those extra things I really want to do like painting my office charcoal gray this weekend.

~ Speaking of my office. I took an amazing job that was a huge risk for me. I know work as a "Digital Product Sales Specialist" - who would have every thought that? Not I, that's who!

~ I've been to the Congo. The Congo, people! That's crazy and almost unbelievable.

When I was a little girl, my dream was two-fold. Be a mom and be a teacher. By profession I've never really been either of these. I've worked as a youth minister, which most would argue is a teacher, but it's a little bit more of that. I've been a baby-sitter/baby-holder/child care giver for thousands of hours, but never my own little ones.

What's the point of this?

I've transformed my dreams, for now at least. I don't know if I'll be a single woman forever or just for now. I  might take my two freshly baked sweet potato pies to our young adult "friendsgiving" (yes, another one this weekend) and come home with two empty pie plates and a man. That's an interesting plan ... but it will probably turn out as predicted ... just two (hopefully) empty pie plates!

So the dream transformation ... here's the plan:
  • Be a Mom: 
    • Next weekend I'm training to be a Client Advocate at the Stanton Health Clinic for woman who are considering abortion but have changed their mind and are keeping their baby. This lasts for at least 9 months after the baby is born - a beautiful opportunity to be part of someone's life.
    • Hang out with my friends and their super cute kiddos and embrace every second. Provide a gift of my time for them and their hubbies to go out on a date night by baby-sitting.
  • Be a Teacher:
    • I've been working with our Confirmation students for the last few years - this year being the best Confirmation Class I've had in 8 years!
    • Act as a godparent/sponsor for a young woman entering the Church this coming Easter. She is actually being Baptized, Confirmed and receiving Eucharist.
    • Take time with my friends who want to learn to cook and teach them. Fun for me and them and quite delicious!
These don't fulfill my entire childhood dream, but they do prevent some of those sleepless, tear-filled nights. They help me to embrace the fact that I haven't lived out any of the plans I've had and instead done "crazy" things like buy a house, take a risk on a new job, and go to the Congo. Crazy seems to be my main style of life plan! It was never my plan, to live a crazy life, but now I'm trying to have less plans and more dreams. 

Now I'm starting with: "What's the crazy way to live out my dreams?"


  1. Yay, Katie! I just love this post. It shows how even though life isn't always how we plan it, we can always make the most of it and try to see the good in finding different dreams. This is a really constructive way to look at what you can do with your desire to be a mother. Your ideas are great! I enjoy reading about ways to tap into spiritual motherhood or expressing that in some way when we aren't moms of our own kiddos. If I lived close to you, we'd have to have cooking nights :-) Hope you have a lovely Friendsgiving!

    1. Oh How I wish we did live closer to one another! Those would be some super fun nights!!

  2. These are great thoughts, Katie! I love the way you 'transformed' your goals/dreams in the current moment (and hopefully those dreams, at least physical motherhood, are still on their way to fruition in the future). I work at a crisis pregnancy center and it's both a challenge and a gift to work with those women, I love that you're going to be a client advocate. :)

    Also, I'm one married woman who won't tell you to just "enjoy the carefree single days." Like every season or state of life, there are blessings and hardships. Yes, there were fun things about being single but there were also lonely nights and questioning prayers and the longing in your heart. Hugs and prayers that your future husband finds you soon but that grace finds you each day. <3

    1. Thanks Laura! I might be emailing for advice as I get started as a Client Advocate ... this is uncharted territory for me!


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