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NAS: All the Babies and Children!

Do you have children in your life? What is your relationship with them like? Do you have godchildren, and how do you form a relationship with them? Does having children in (or not in) your day-to-day life make you feel happy, wistful, or wary (of having your own someday)? 
Thanks to Lindsay!

love this pic from Jen, so borrowing for the day!
I've been looking forward to this topic since coming back from the break - and then I just chilled on the couch last night (and Monday) instead of writing because I'm tired of computers most of the time!  But anyway - the children are my favorite topic!

When I was a little girl all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom or a teacher.  I was always playing house with my baby dolls (most of them are still in my parent's attic) and pretending to be a mommy.  I still look forward to the day when I can be a mom and have lots of little ones running around my house!

Lucy B, one of the many kiddos on my favorites list!
Until then though, I try to surround myself with lots of kiddos to hang out with.  I love hanging around Xavier, Thaddeus, Emma, Lucy, Silas, Shepherd, Riley, Landon, Mark, Luke, Rhett, Patrick, Isaac, and all of the little ones who come into my office.  I really enjoy being around little ones and these ones in particular like being around me.

It warms my soul when I go to Lisa's and see little ones waiting looking out the window.  Then they run to greet me out in the driveway and bring me inside.  The little ones can't wait to tell me about what their siblings are doing, how old they are, and cuddling while watching a movie or just hanging out.

I loved the month I spent living at Erica's with the twins.  Now they always give me the biggest smiles when I'm over for a visit.

Riley & Landon, their mom is
even a blogger!
And I have my godson, Shep, who is the cutest thing (and going to be a big brother soon!).  I can't believe Devon and J picked me to be his godmother (and godfather, it's just me).  We're working on traditions for his Baptism Day - this year was hard since it's just 15 months, but we did renew Baptismal Promises and light the candle!  Next year when words are on our side, we might get a shouting 'I DO'!!

Shep, of course!  He has a blog too!
Awhile ago I read an article from Verily about what married people can do to minister to single people and the reverse.  In an effort to take advantage of my life and have a servant's heart for my friends, I am making a great effort to offer my extraordinary (well, ordinary, really) baby-sitting services to my friends.  I love visiting with them and their kiddos.  I also know they don't get a lot of great nights out with their husbands, or even a chance to have an adult conversation with being interrupted or listening for the kids in bed.  It's literally the very least I can do - and I enjoy doing it so much.

For Christmas I sent an email to a friend offering 'a small gift' (ie: my baby-sitting).  She was so moved that I would offer free baby-sitting.  I wasn't able to deliver before Christmas because I got the flu (yuck) but made good on my offer last Saturday.  I had such a good time with her boys.  Her youngest is very attached to her, so I was a little worried, even as they were getting ready to leave that he would be put to bed and just have to 'cry it out' since momma wasn't there.  But as they walked out the door he nonchalantly said "bye momma."  To go to bed, I rocked him - sang a little, and was praying the rosary - asking Mary to be the mom he needed to settle down - and he went to sleep.  She said he asked for me in the morning.  The 17 month old who doesn't have that many words!  I'm no one special, and I see her boys so infrequently that I can't imagine they remember who I am - but they do.  

All of my friends who allow me to be part of their children's life are gifts from the Lord to fill this deep hole in my heart that wants to be a mother.  So I will continue to make an effort to offer myself as baby-sitter.  Next holiday is Valentine's Day - drawing names for who wins!

As always thanks to Jen and Morgan for hosting the Not Alone Series - check out Jen's for the link-up this week and all the other ladies!


  1. Kid gifs! Just when I thought baby photos couldn't get any cuter.

    I've thought that babysitting would be a great way to get more kids in my life, but I'm kind of worried that I don't remember how to do it! I would feel ridiculous asking someone to babysit with me. I'm an adult; I ought to know how to take care of a baby, but I think it's like riding a bike (which I'm pretty sure I've managed to forget).

    I'm a single godparent, too. It is much easier than being a single regular parent. I can pray enough for two people. At this point, at a long distance, I am probably more like an aunt than anything, but that will work.

    1. I know, right! The gifs make them even cuter and almost like they are with me in real life!

      I hear you about the experience for baby-sitting. I've been blessed to have kept the skills but have friends who struggle. A good solution is a friend with twins - always easier to have two of you there at one time, and your friend can help teach you. I've done this with two people, where I might know what I'm doing, but I'm throwing them in the deep end with a floaty (me). The only way to get better (with the babies and the bike) is to practice. So just hang out with your friend first before being there on your own. I'm sure she'd love to show you the ropes if it means more date nights with her husband!

      And I love my godson and now like being all by my self - and I agree, it's WAY better to be a single godparent than single parent, I can't imagine how difficult it would be!

  2. Well, I know my kids LOVE you! They shy away from a lot of people at first and that has never seemed to be an issue with you. They run right up to you with big smiles every time they see you. It is my personal opinion that you exude "peace and comfort" and I am surprised that children don't flock to you! ;) I know we greatly appreciate your baby sitting services and the opportunity it gives us to be husband and wife instead of mommy and daddy for a few hours.

    Thanks for linking up to my blog too. :)

    1. Thanks Erica - I'm so happy we are friends! And also that you have adorable kids who love me!!

  3. Ha! Isn't that such a great pic?! :) Thanks for using it!

    I agree about the kids filling a longing in my heart, too. God-willing I will be able to partake in the joy that all my wonderful parents I know get to have, one day. But, until then, their kids bring SO MUCH JOY to my heart that I can't even put it into words. It's such a blessing, really!

    1. amazing pic!!! I wish that was my view every day - I can only hope for retirement, someday!


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