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Favorite Mom Blogs {Not Alone Series}

I've been dragging my feet about linking up with Morgan and Jen and the Not Alone Series, but I saw the topics for the next few weeks and feel like it's time to join in on this community.  After all of the support from Cindy a few weeks ago, I've decided I need to do this!  So, my first jaunt into the group...

Favorite Mom Blogs

Well, I have SO many that I think this post could be a series in and of itself, so here goes (as I look at my BlogLovin' subscriptions - of which I have 218 unread posts):

1. Camp Patton: Grace is amazing - she someone keeps it together and still has the cutest little kiddos ever (no offense to the rest of the mom bloggers below, but her Theo looks like a cabbage patch doll!)!!

2. Carrots for Michaelmas: I stumbled upon Haley with the Women Speak on NFP Series post that someone who I cannot remember guest posted for a while ago.  I love that she is trying to be a Catholic Urban Homesteader (or something like that) - I just really like reading her stuff.  And also, I always think I can someone raise my own chickens after reading her posts!  Which is crazy, because seriously - can you see me chopping off a chicken's head???

3. We are THAT Family know the ones:  Not sure how I got to Kristen, but I'm inspired regularly by her work at Mercy House in Kenya, and I'd be lying if I didn't dream about being like her someday!  Also, she rocks at explaining why to do these crazy Catholic things with her kids and how it's making them into better human beings (hopefully).

4. God is Here: She doesn't blog much at all now, but a very good friend knows Maria and I was daily drawn closer to the Lord as I read about her struggle and triumph with Vivian.  I can't do her story justice in a  few words, but the idea that 'children are entrusted to parents' and 'their sole purpose is to get them to Heaven' is explained in her writing during the struggle.  If you have hours and box of Kleenex, head on over.

5. The Big Mama Blog: Melanie is hilarious!  Loved her when I read her book Big Sparkly Green Earrings.  

6. Conversion Diary: Jen is a fantastic writer - and the reason I blog!  So, thanks lovely Catholic woman with 6 children who I've never met but love!

7. People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Jen is new to my subscriptions, but hilarious.  And seriously, sometimes we just want to punch them - hard.  We won't, but that doesn't mean we don't want to!

8. There's More Where That Came From: Paige says it like it is.  There was this one post about coffee a few weeks ago that has solidified me reading her forever!

I think 8 might be it for me - definitely not all of the blogs in my feed, but a good start for you.  Sorry I didn't link to my favorite posts, but well ... there are no excuses.  I will just hang my head down in shame...

Thanks for Jen and Morgan for hosting!  Head on over to Morgan's to see everyone else's great posts on the link up!  Gotta read down my 218 posts so I can add new from all the great gals tonight!  


  1. Welcome. I am loving your list, I am familiar with 1, 2 and 6. Then I took some time to get familiar with 8 and 3 (the names just demanded it) and I likey, I love Paige's (#8) writing style. Looking forward to checking out the rest.


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